invitation by Jenny Chang

invitation by Jenny Chang


S.A.D. Party 2017 was a huge success. You can see the PHOTOS HERE

We raised more than $32,000 for Planned Parenthood through ticket sales, merch, silent auction, and matching donations. 

That is a HUGE and meaningful contribution to an organization that provides people with critical health care — regardless of their age, gender identity/expression, immigration status, or ability to pay — and defends our access to safe, legal abortion. 

The party's success caught the attention of Planned Parenthood and several members — including the president of PPNYC Joan Malin — have reached out directly to say thank you. Malin wrote, "It feels particularly special to know that people gathered to support us at The Bell House in Brooklyn, the borough where we began this work 100 years ago."

Thank you all so, so much for your generous contributions.

Thank you to the people who bought spirit tickets from afar, thank you to those of you who bought totes and shirts, thank you to everyone who bid on the silent auction, thank you to everyone on the dance floor who yelled in excitement when DJ Louie played the remix to Ignition. 

And a special thank you / shout out to everyone who donated their time and skills to make the party special, and the businesses who donated silent auction prizes...

Abigail DeAtley,  Adam JK, Andrew Mumm, Anitra Gassaway, Ben Wiseman, Birchbox, Body by Brooklyn, Chris Ritter, Cocktail Kingdom, CoolHaus, Country Boys Food, Creative Solutions, Delfina, Exhale, Fishs Eddy, Food52, Founders + Followers, Helena Quinn, Jeff Chastain, Jen Lewis, Jenny Chang, John Gara, Leyenda, Maderas Village, Miria-Sabina, MNDFL, Nancy Young, O Ya NYC, Rakesh Baruah, Royal Palms, Rucola, Simon Takacs, Stefanie Syat, The Bell House, Toro NYC

In solidarity and with gratitude,

The SAD Party Host Committee